Category 1 – Contributions

  • Fundraising

    Fundraisers are a very important part of NRHyA and affiliate youth clubs. We want to award you for your efforts so you can have year-end prizes and fun programs like Varsity Reining Club.

  • Community Service

    This is your chance to help out! This activity is not limited to equestrian/reining activities and may be done in conjunction with other groups that you are currently a member. All hours are on a volunteer basis. Paid time will not be counted.

  • Pitching In

    Earn points by helping out at the events you love to attend. You can assist at NRHA sanctioned events, including your local affiliate shows as well as regional and national shows.

Category 2 – Creativity

  • Photography

    Submit your photography. The photos have to be taken by you, and must be related to an equine topic.

  • Creative Writing

    Submit your story and it could be posted on or even in the NRHA Reiner magazine. The story can be fiction or non-fiction, but should be about horses.

  • Creative Artwork

    Submit your artwork. The artwork has to be created by you, but can be of any medium and anything related to equine.

Category 3 – Publicity

  • Hold or Attend a Meeting

    Get involved at any level and host a youth meeting or activity. Get together with your fellow members and discuss NRHyA opportunities and activities.

  • Report Back

    Report back to the NRHyA by writing a newsworthy article about what is happening in your region. Outstanding articles could be published on and will be considered for the NRHA Reiner magazine.

  • Spreading the Word

    Educate a group of non-reiners about our sport.

  • Referrals

    VRC members get 25 points for each successful referral.

Category 4 - Academics

  • Good Grades

    This activity is to recognize good grades.