Report Back

A news-style article is different from the creative writing assignment. This story must be factual and you must have multiple sources for your information. Refer back to articles in the NRHA Reiner magazine.

  • Be sure to accurately cite your sources.
  • Choose a topic or event.
  • Prepare questions and interview participants.
  • Write down scores, awards and activities.
  • Talk to show managers and show secretaries.
  • Look for good story ideas and find multiple people to interview about the topic.
  • Submissions must be made within 30 days of the event you are reporting on.


  • Each story submitted with 250 words or less will be worth 15 points.
  • Stories with between 250–500 words will be worth 25 points.
  • Stories over 500 will be worth 30 points.


  • Please upload Microsoft Word Doc files.
  • Reports may be selected from time to time to appear in the NRHA Reiner. Please indicate if you would not like us to showcase your writings.