How does it work?

It’s simple, earn points for things you are already doing! Turn in your points for awesome prizes!

Welcome to Varsity Reining Club!

The Varsity Reining Club ("VRC") was established to engage youth members and encourage them to become more active at both local and national levels. This program offers NRHyA members opportunities to contribute to the youth association and to develop valuable life skills.

In addition to the youth members interacting with one another and participating in the program, we also want to provide life skills that will help them grow and mature. Stressing the importance of community service, being an active member in a group and learning to work with others, public speaking, written communications skills and creativity are all important skills that can be further developed by participating in this program.


You are probably already participating in several VRC categories in your everyday life. Submissions vary from fundraising and volunteering to creative writing and good grades. Just take the time to log your activities and NRHyA will award you points. Make sure to check the home page each month to see which activity will get you double points. All activity must be submitted within 30 days of completion.

Check the NRHA Reiner for submissions that will be featured every month.

All submissions are due in Dec. 15.


There are great prizes to choose from once you have earned points. You may request to "purchase" prizes with your points throughout the year or wait until the end for a huge shopping spree! All prize requests must be made on or before December 20. Points expire at the end of each year. Keep an eye out for new prizes!


Scholarships are awarded every year to the top Varsity (14-18) and Jr Varsity (13 & under) point earners. This is based on year-end point totals earned by December 15 (prize purchases do NOT effect this total).

Core Levels

Every VRC member can strive to meet our five core levels. This is useful when describing your involvement with VRC on college applications or résumés.

  • Platinum - 1500 points
  • Gold - 1000 points
  • Silver - 500 points
  • Bronze - 250 points
  • Pewter - 100 points

If you have any questions, please contact NRHyA at (405) 946-7400 or