August Double Point Activity

For the month of August, earn double points by pitching in at a horse show! Feel free to approach the show staff, or ask an adult/fellow NRHyA member to help you, so that you may ask how to help at the show.

This could be helping work a gate, bring food/refreshments to judges, scribing, helping set up, or even picking up trash and more!

Remember, this does not mean helping your trainer or someone in your barn. This is about helping volunteer at a show to learn all that goes into something we may take for granted, not helping people you already know or would have helped regardless of VRC points.

Join VRC

The Varsity Reining Club (VRC) was established to engage youth members and encourage them to become more active at both local and national levels. If you are an active NRHyA member, register with your email and a password you would like to use! Then you will receive an email confirmation that your membership has been approved.

Please remember to have a current NRHyA membership to be a VRC member and receive points. Submissions must be turned in within a month of the activity.